08:15-08:45    Registration

08:45-09:00   Introduction: why and when of an active meeting among Centers

Session 1: Looking forward NETs

Chairs: F. de Braud, V. Mazzaferro

Discussants: V. Ambrosini, M. P. Brizzi, M. V. Davì, F. Grillo, S. Massironi, S. Partelli

09:00-09:20    Circulating tumor cells, DNA and MicroRNAs as prognostic markers for NETs – M. C. Zatelli

09:20-09:40    Recent update on diagnosis, clinical features and management of MENs – S. Glasberg

09:40-10:00    Current and future perspectives of radiometabolic therapies for neuroendocrine tumors – A.J.A.T. Braat

10:00-10:20    PRRT alone or in combination with other drugs? – N. Fazio

10:20-10:40    Surgery of GEP-NETs in oligometastatic disease – A. Frilling

10:40-11:00    Post-surgical monitoring of curatively resected GEP-NETs – V. Mazzaferro

11:00-11:30    Coffee break

Session 2: Video Presentation

Chairs: A. Frilling, V. Mazzaferro

11:30-12:00    Endoscopic ultrasound-guided radiofrequency ablation (EUS-RFA) for the treatment of pNETs
Presenters:      F. Cavalcoli, G. Delconte
Discussant:     A. Larghi

12:00-12:30    Radioembolization in syndromic patients with liver metastases refractory to therapy
Presenters:     M. Maccauro, N. Prinzi, C. Spreafico
Discussant:     I. Bargellini

12:30-13:00    Indications for laparoscopic pNET resections
Presenters:      C. Sposito, M. Virdis
Discussant:     G. Butturini

13:00-14:00    Lunch

Session 3: Web multimodal Tumor Board

WEB-CONNECTED CENTERS: Catania, Napoli, Roma e Verona

Board coordinators and question makers: N. Fazio, J. Coppa

14:00-15:30    Tumor board 1
Participants: R. Baldelli, C. Cotsoglou, R. Lanocita, M. Milione, S. Pusceddu, E. Seregni, F. Spada

Retroperitoneal pheochromocytoma
Therapy-resistant insulinoma
pNET liver metastases
Paraneoplastic syndrom in a lung carcinoid

15:30-17:00    Tumor board 2

Participants: M. Albertelli, M. Bongini, C. Carnaghi, T. Cascella, M. Milione, S. Pusceddu, F. Scalorbi, A. Versari

PRRT and loco-regional therapies
Cardias NEC G3
Analogue-based therapies
Urogenital NEC G3

17:00-17:30    Take-home messages and closure